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Raise your credit score with out going into debt.


We all have bills that we pay every month like utilities, phone and insurance..why are we not getting credit for that?

I have found the perfect solution for you. Not only do you get credit for what you already do, you do not have to incur any debt to raise your credit score.


Estate Planning


Do you have an estate plan? This is a very important piece in both protecting your wealth and building it.

These two ladies take a different approach in helping you get set up. Click the button below to make an appointment for a free consultation 

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Easy Meal Planning

eMeals is a system that helps with meal planning, offers creative recipes, and allows you to track and stay on your food budget.

Even if you or members of your family have varying dietary restrictions, eMeals offers multiple options to find something that everyone can enjoy.

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Social Media

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Learn about upcoming workshops, new offerings, as well as inspirational updates, insightful tips, and so much more.


Legacy of Love Planner

When a loved one passes, trying to find all the paperwork just brings more stress. This is a place for you to keep it all. A place to let your loved ones know that you love them and wanted to make everything as easy as possible for your passing.

The Legacy of Love Planner is a central place to keep information about all your assets, such as your bank and investment accounts, personal and real property, and more. 


Helpful Videos

Many of our clients have found these videos useful in keeping them on track and reinforcing their progress. You can find all the videos on the Proverbs Financial YouTube channel, but we've added a few here for you to get started!

What I Do and Why

Five Reasons Not to Hate Your Budget

Three Ways to Win With Money

How to Save for a Vacation

How to Keep More Cash in Your Pocket


Proverbs Financial Podcast

Do you need help staying motivated while staying on track with your finances? Want to learn some great tips and tricks to help tackle debt, budget for your household, or how to create better money habits? Check out the Proverbs Financial podcast, “From Fear to Freedom with your Finances” below!


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