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Charting the Waters

Financial Wellness Coaching


If you find yourself in a financial situation you didn’t anticipate, this plan will help you address money challenges, develop a plan to meet your immediate needs, and find hope for your future.

Corporate Financial Wellness Programs


Together we will review your current business situation, develop a cash flow plan, reduce debt, and prepare for emergencies, just like you do for your personal finances.



We currently offer three workshops to help you better manage your finances. 

Choose from:

  • Tackling Debt
  • Relationships and Money
  • Budgeting & Planning for Emergencies

Kids and Money Coaching


Learn simple steps to start teaching your kids how to take control of their money now, before it becomes a problem in the future.

Speaking Engagements


As a financial coach, Dawnette helps transform how you think, feel, and interact with money. She speaks about her past struggles with her own finances, how she overcame them, and how anyone can make their financial dreams a reality. She is currently booking corporate and special events, podcasts, and interviews.

Listen to her own podcast here.

Ready to Take Control of Your Financial Future?

Whether you're looking for one on one coaching, programs for your office, or helping your kids learn financial control, we can help!


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